Who can drive in Switzerland?

For the first year, anyone can drive a car in Switzerland using their foreign drivering licence if they are 18 years old. Younger drivers who may hold a driver’s licence in another country will not be able to drive. If your driver’s licence is in a language not recognised by the Swiss authorities (English, French, German or Italian) you will need to carry either an International Driver’s licence or an International Driving Permit (IDP), which includes a translation of your driving licence.

In addition, certain criteria must be met:
– the licence must have been issued by a competent authority abroad;
– it must be valid and have been acquired lawfully;
– the owner must be old enough to hold a Swiss licence in the same category (eg. 18 for cars)

If you will be living in Switzerland for more than a year, everyone will need to convert their foreign driving licences to a Swiss licence before the end of the first 12 months. Some nationalities will be able to convert their licence without taking any test at all, others will need to take the practical driving test.